by Courtney Sina Meredith

have you seen them

with their nice white boyfriends

paisley scarves on scarred shoulders

looking for their wings


Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick is Courtney Sina Meredith’s debut poetry collection, described by writer Robert Sullivan as bringing together "an edgy singer's strength, wry insights, sensual material, beautiful shards, blood and breath, monsoons, and glistening water." It is a politically aware discussion of contemporary urban life, informed by her time in both Berlin and Auckland, and her understanding of Polynesian writing.

Meredith’s exquisite follow-up story collection Tail of the Taniwha is available here.

"It's a clever mixture of nonchalance and hard-hitting poems which deliver a new image of young Pacific women… She grapples with the big issues of poverty, conflict, sexism and racism, but also more immediate ones of sex, drinking and eating. All this is rolled into poems which are both serious and frivolous. She is a mixture of performance poet and romantic – a singing Ginsberg and howling Shelley." –John Daly-Peoples, National Business Review