Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what do you offer?

Beatnik is a small firm with a big attitude, publishing books and creating beautiful designs. We offer publishing consultation, design work, photography and more, all of which can be found in our services, and are available worldwide.

How can I publish with you?

You can find more information about how to publish with us, including an application form and where to send your manuscript here. If you have an exciting project you'd like to fund yourself, we also offer a publishing consultancy service where we use our years of industry knowledge to help you navigate the entire process of publishing a book.

Who can help me fund my book?

Feel free to send through your proposal. If we think it has marketing potential and we love the concept, then we can discuss funding it.

Otherwise, there are many other funding options out there. You can look into initial funding with crowdfunding programs like Kickstarter or Pledgeme. On an international level, seek out your local council and governmental initiatives for funding artistic, cultural and heritage projects.

If you are in New Zealand, have a look at the New Zealand Book Council who help foster and promote New Zealand writing and writers, as well as Creative NZ who provide sponsorships and grants. Consider the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and Auckland City Council creative communities schemes for projects with the intention of preserving and celebrating New Zealand's significant past and culture. Also, check out the Environment and Heritage community matters lottery grants.

Where can I buy Beatnik Books?

You can purchase our books through our online shop. Most of our books are also sold at independent bookshops and major booksellers across New Zealand. We are working on making our books available around the world by mid-2017. 

I'd like to sell your books. Who should I contact?

Our Sales Dept. at +64 9 365 2223 or enquire here

Who are your distributors?

Bateman Ltd are our distributors here in New Zealand. Contact Bryce Gibson or his team with any enquiries –

Prestel UK manage our international distribution –

Can I request a review copy of a book?

Sure you can. Please send any media or marketing review enquiries here.

Do I need permission to reprint text or images from your books?

Yes you do! Please send any enquiries relating to reprinting Beatnik material here.

Why are you called "Beatnik"? What is a Beatnik anyway?

A Beatnik is someone from the beat generation, a group and movement from around the sixties which pushed against the norm and raged against the machine. Beatnik's founder Sally Greer chose the name because she loves the style and aesthetics from the era, and thought Beatniks embodied our kick-ass attitude.