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It's a Beatnik World

Many exciting Beatnik travels are taking place! Beatnik Director Sally just got back from the massively cool and massively massive Frankfurt book fair, where she, once again, mingled among hundreds of international publishers and spread the Beatnik way of books far and wide. Although the jet lag hit hard, it sounded like a super fun (and profitable) experience!

The NZ Pavilion in 2012, when New Zealand was the Guest of Honour at the book fair.

The NZ Pavilion in 2012, when New Zealand was the Guest of Honour at the book fair.

A peak at some stands at this year's fair.

A peak at some stands at this year's fair.

In further exciting Beatnik travel news, Heather McAllister, author of Who You Are Is What You Do, is going to be attending the 2015 Taipei International Book Exhibition, where New Zealand will be the guest of honour. She'll be travelling to Taipei as part of the Book Exhibition's Visiting Author Programme, and will be joining authors such as Booker Prize winner Eleanor Catton and Dame Joy Cowley — woo! Who You Are is one of our most successful international titles, published in Australia and the USA, and translated into Croatian and Traditional Chinese.

A school leaver has also written a very sweet review of Who You Are, one that confirms that all the hype it most definitely deserved:

It was this point when I found the book mum had given me 2 weeks ago. Who You Are Is What You Do: Making Choices About Life After School it was called. I shrugged and opened it. “I’ll read the intro” I told myself, “while the laptop is shutting down at the slowest rate known to man, I shall get a feel for this book, and I will finish it in the morning.”

I was jolted back to the real world by my brother shuffling down the corridor at an unearthly time (1am). It appeared that I had sat for an hour reading this book, and I was enjoying it, I really was. I continued reading it on the Saturday, completely absorbed by this wonderful, wonderful book.

You can read the full review here.

Website launch

To accompany the launch of our new website, we're very happy to finally share this beautiful little video made in collaboration with filmmaker Arthur Gay. Little Things with Big Minds was created late last year, and was directed and conceptualised by Arthur. Featured are our beloved authors Toby Morris, Cyan Corwine and Ben Crawford, along with Beatnik director Sally Greer, discussing what drives us to think and create. The Beatnik studio, shop, and nearby Mt Eden summit provide gorgeous backdrops.

See more of Arthur's work on his website and vimeo.