Ripe Recipes: A Fresh Batch

by Angela Redfern

Following the success of their 2010 collection Ripe Recipes, the good people at Ripe Deli have whipped up a fresh batch of recipes you can make at home. This time it’s more about health – but not at the expense of taste! Ripe Recipes - A Fresh Batch is a cornucopia of delicious recipes, bursting with flavour and goodness - plus some purely decadent treats just for fun!

“Ripe has a fabulous fresh take on food and they have shared their secrets in this wonderful recipe book.” -Kerre Woodham, Newstalk ZB
“The recipes are all about maximising flavour and keeping it simple. You often hear that mantra, but in Ripe Recipes’ case it is true.” -Gordon Crombie, Radio Southland