The Game Chef: Wild Recipes from the Great Outdoors

By Angelo Georgalli

Real. Good. Food. The Game Chef: Wild Recipes from the Great Outdoors, the companion to the TV series, features real food sourced in wholesome, healthy environments, cooked for enjoyment and well-being. Successful restaurateur Angelo Georgalli has created a selection of his favourite recipes that are nutritious, delicious and naturally sourced.

With a Greek, Italian and English background, Angelo Georgalli invites confidence in his ability to mix different culinary styles while his enthusiasm for fresh New Zealand produce and game is infectious.

The Game Chef features recipes for fish, pork, venison, lamb and rabbit, as well as salads, sauces, dressing, soups, stews and accompaniments. These easy-to-prepare dishes are shot in the beautiful Lake Wanaka region. They celebrate balance with nature, living off the land as much as possible, and respecting the wildlife, the vegetation, and the waterways that sustain us. The Game Chef takes a back to basics approach, with organic produce and seasonal cooking at its best.

“You could easily market this one as a geographic postcard of New Zealand as Georgalli takes you around our beautiful country cooking up the fantastic produce that he finds along the way. Beatnik are experts at putting together cook books, and by taking on this angle - 'wild recipes from the great outdoors', they have once again struck gold.” –The Rural
"The production of The Game Chef is top notch, with a fine-hessian cover, stunning full colour images of New Zealand landscapes, and each section has its own animal illustration. It makes the book a real pleasure to read and a great gift for the (non-vegetarian) foodie in your family." –Amie Lightbourne, Booksellers NZ