Three words: an anthology of

Edited by Sarah Laing, Indira Neville and Rachel Fenton

Three Words: An Anthology of Aotearoa/NZ Women’s Comics is a manifold, brilliant, collaborative survey of the past twenty years of New Zealand women’s comics. Bringing together over 60 contributors from all walks of life, the brief was simple: to submit any works of your choosing, as well as any three words to be passed on to another contributor to interpret into a single strip comic, maximising this one-off opportunity for collaboration in the very first anthology of its kind.

Although they have been underrepresented in the New Zealand history books, women in Aotearoa New Zealand make comics. They make slick professional comics and crafty homemade ones. They are found in zines and magazines, tumblrs, twitter feeds, shoe boxes, art galleries, painted on old tea trays and brochures, stuck on fridges, tattooed on forearms. And now they’re also here. In this book. A whole bunch of them, up front, visible, available and MAKING HISTORY.

“Three Words is a book that started as a protest but ended as a manifest victory… while this is an anthology of Aotearoa/NZ women’s comics, it is also a book that introduces the medium and at the same time interrogates its boundaries and limits. It is therefore an excellent book for teaching comics and for trying to get students to think about a range of theories that seek to define what comics are… It is a book about what comics are and what they can be.” 
– Neil Curtis, Multiframe
“Three Words: An Anthology of Aotearoa New Zealand Women’s Comics is in part a response to sexism, as well as being a celebration of some extraordinary Kiwi artists… It’s also a beautiful book full of a wide range of excellent and strange homegrown artwork and storytelling. Highly recommended.” – Elizabeth Heritage, We Love Books, Booksellers NZ